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Model: NEX - Calf Roping Dummy
The NEX is durable, weather-resistant, maintenance
free, and comes with a full year warranty. 36lbs
Pink Color available by Special Order

Model: LeapSteer
Features: The LeapSteer is a realistic child-sized heading dummy. 
Having the perfect size, look, and feel will help your kids develop 
the proper fundamentals, learn to handle their rope, and build the 
confidence that comes from throwing snappy head loops. Standing 17″ 
tall, the LeapSteer allows children to swing and deliver their 
loop at a proper angle. 25lbs

Please call 406-775-6761 if you do not see what you are looking for. We can custom build a trailer to meet your specific needs. 

 From stock trailers to living quarters we can get what you want.
Model: BONES 2.0
Features: The most advanced portable heading dummy on the 
market, combining a look and feel rivaled only by roping live cattle. 
The BONES 2.0 features an anatomically correct head, a lower 
headset, and gives headers the most common look they see 
roping live cattle. 53lbs

Model: BONES - Heading Dummy
Features: The BONES is durable, weather-resistant, maintenance free, and comes with a full year warranty. 50lbs
Brown, Blue, Pink, Red, Purple & White Color available by 
Special Order.

Features: The SuperSlider is light-weight, durable, and easy to take with you anywhere you go. Ideal For: Families, youth ropers & fun community jackpots. Stationary legs with a dally kit can handle those hard hits, unique frame ensures stability with the tightest of turns and no batteries needed. The SuperSlider is 26″ tall, 43″ long, and 26″ wide. 33lbs

Model: HOX
Features:  Easily installed on trailers, fences and stalls. The hide-like wide legs have the ability to swing or lock into place for multiple positions, and its adjustable height and variable leg settings provide endless heeling scenarios. The collapsible,     
light-weight frame makes the Hox easy to store, transport and 
use anywhere you go. 21lbs

Features:  Washout action where the hips washout and come back to follow the shoulders. Three-Stage Washout improves driver’s ability to produce a range of realistic corners and allows ropers to practice for every cattle type, from a fresh steer to an older steer, by setting the amount of washout. Collapsible Deluxe Legs and spring-Loaded Tongue reduces the jerk to the roper’s horse, machine, and driver, while allowing the roper to finish strong to the saddle horn. 236 lbs.

Features: Virtually maintenance free, this machine provides the realistic “Heel-O-Matic Hop” that is generated by a variable pulley system. The faster the run, the faster the hop – just like in a real run. No battery, motor, solar panel or electrical wiring to worry about. Along with the hop and pulley system, the Ultimate comes equipped with the Spring-Loaded Tongue and Deluxe Leg Package to provide you the most realistic roping machine available. The ULTIMATE’s pulley system has variable settings that allow you to customize your Heel-O-Matic Hop. Choose a slower hop speed at a higher pull speed, or a faster hop at a slower pull speed. You can select–and easily change-this ratio to meet your 
practice needs, or you can disengage the pulley system to rope 
it like a SLED. Each ULTIMATE is equipped with a turning 
head, collapsible horns, and a rear leg dally kit to let heelers 
practice their hard hits and accuracy. 238 lbs.

Features: Simulates a steer like “stretch”
-Allows you to maneuver a smooth, sharp corner
-Overall extended length to provide more space between your 
  ATV and machine
-Gives your horse time to stop properly by simulating the 
  “stretch” of live cattle before coming tight
-Gives you the opportunity to dally safely
-Extends the life of your practice equipment including
  your ATV
-Fits all existing Heel-O-Matic Ground-Driven Trainers
53 lbs.

Model: Travel Panels
Call us at 406-775-6761 for Pricing 
Features: 4' x 6'
Lightweight and easy to set up. 

Call us at 406-775-6761 to purchase!

Model: Hay Rack
Call us at 406-775-6761 for Pricing
Features: 6 ft in length

Call us at 406-775-6761 to purchase!
*Installation quote available upon request

Model: Hay Pod 
​Call us at 406-775-6761 for Pricing
Features:  Enclosed Hay Rack, 6', 8', and 10' option.  

Call us at 406-775-6761 to purchase!
*Installation quote available upon request

Model: Ramp 
Call us at 406-775-6761 for Pricing

Features: Spring loaded

Call us at 406-775-6761 to purchase!
*Installation quote available upon request

Model: 4.0 ONAN Generator

Features: Gas and Propane options available. 

Call us at 406-775-6761 for Pricing and Installation quote. 


Features: Completely porous surface, that allows fluids to flow through and follow the contour of the sub surface. This flooring eliminates the need for any bedding, saving you time and money.  This also means your horses will be more comfortable and breathe cleaner air. Our flooring provides horses with better traction and a softer more cushioned ride. Antimicrobial technology is infused into the flooring during the manufacturing process to help prevent the growth of damaging bacteria, as well as inhibit stains and odors caused by bacteria, on the rubber floor.  Our non slip flooring is environmentally friendly made from 100% recycled rubber right here in America! 

Call us at 406-775-6761 for Pricing and Installation quote. 

Custom Signage, Decals, Vehicle Wraps 
and other Large Format Prints

​Now offering a wide variety of printing options to fit your advertising needs.  
Including Orafol Certified Vehicle Wraps!

Please call 406-775-6751 for more information and price quotes.  

Model: Cummins ONAN P4500 Digital Inverter Generator

Features: Gas, 4500 watt, 30 amp service, remote start, 100 lbs, & wheels with extending handle. 

Call us at 406-775-6761 to purchase.